Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions chin straps are made by skilled craftspeople using high-quality materials, and are warrantied to the original purchaser to be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of one (1) year from the date of purchase.  Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions LLC agrees to repair or replace defective parts due to flaws in material or workmanship during the warranty period.  This warranty applies to Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions  chin straps that have been unaltered, properly cleaned, utilized and maintained in accordance with the instructions provided on the website and the information sheet provided with the product.  
Gradual discoloration of white fabrics is not considered a defect in material or workmanship.  This warranty does not apply to products damaged, altered, modified, or abused accidentally or intentionally.

Please note that we do not provide refunds due to readily-apparent features of the product.  In particular:

*  The product utilizes a full-cap design.  Purchaser acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of the fact that the full-cap design of this chin strap is inherently bulkier and provides more heat retention than traditional chin straps.  The full cap design of the Premium and Plus versions covers the ears, while the Air Deluxe version has apertures in the ear regions.  The Premium version provides less heat retention than the Plus version, and the Air Deluxe version provides less heat retention than the Premium version, but all versions of the Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions chin strap do result in some heat retention.  

*  Purchaser acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of the fact that the design utilizes two (one-inch wide) bands to apply a pressure to the underside of the jaw.  This product is designed so that the applied pressure can be minimized yet still effective by fitting the non-elastic strap snugly and utilizing the elastic strap to apply only a small additional upwards force.  

*  The product has a size adjustment strap in the rear.  Purchaser acknowledges their understanding of the fact that this creates additional thickness in the rear.  This feature may not be ideal for people who sleep on their back.

*  The product utilizes Velcro for the removable attachment of the straps to the cap.  Purchaser acknowledges their understanding and acceptance of the fact that attachment, adjustment, and removal of the straps to the Velcro patch will inherently create a sound which may be heard by the user and bedroom partners.  When detaching the straps the loudness of the sound produced in the ear under the Velcro patch can be reduced by inserting a finger between the cap and the temple to provide about 1/2 inch of distance between the ear and the Velcro.  There is cushioning on the inside of the cap corresponding to where the Velcro is located on the outside, but that region is inherently stiffer than the non-Velcro regions.  The gradual collection of lint in the Velcro may occur with normal use, but is not considered a defect in material or workmanship and can be removed by the customer with a common comb or hair brush.

It should also be noted that the Dual Band sleep solution chin strap is designed to maintain the jaw in its elevated position when the jaw muscles are relaxed using a minimum of force so as to provide maximal comfort.  When properly utilized the user will be able to open the jaw when jaw muscles are flexed in order to accomplish that.

The appropriate size will generally correspond to the size indicated in the size chart.  However, head shapes do vary and if you feel the fit of your Dual Band is not correct, please contact us regarding a size exchange.  To determine whether a size exchange is required and provide you with a well-fitting Dual Band we will need additional information from you (i.e., a head measurement and front and side photos donning the chin strap) to provide you with a proper fit.  (It should be noted that due to the more complicated design of the Air Deluxe and the reduced structural integrity due to the ear apertures, proper sizing is sometimes more difficult and size exchanges are more frequently required for the Air Deluxe model. We sometimes suggest an exchange of a Premium for an Air Deluxe, with an appropriate refund provided of the price difference, if fitting of the Air Deluxe proves problematic.)   

Please note that Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions LLC cannot be responsible for the diagnosis of whether a chin strap is the solution to your sleep/snoring/CPAP issues.  I.e., it is purchaser's responsibility to ascertain whether a chin strap is a solution their sleep issue.

Our Dual Band chin straps are manufactured in a meticulously designed and hygienic production facility, guaranteeing that our products are carefully packaged and prepared for our customers. Additionally, we strictly adhere to all health guidelines.