Money Back Guarantee - Best Anti Snoring Chin Strap



Dear Customer,

We are so confident this is the most effective and comfortable chin strap on the market, we offer a money back guarantee.  If you can find a more effective and comfortable "alternative" chin strap, return your Dual Band to us at the address below within 3 months with a note listing the model of the alternative chin strap and a sentence explaining why the alternative is more effective and comfortable and we will refund the cost of the item.  

It's simple. Lifting from below the jaw (rather than wrapping around the tip of the chin) works with the jaw's natural rotation so essentially no force is directed into the jaw joint.  The non-elastic strap prevents the jaw from lowering, so only a small amount of additional force needs to be applied with the elastic strap.  Our patent pending Dual Band/Vertical Lift design effectively keeps your jaw closed and uses less force.  

This will be the best chin strap you have ever used.  We guarantee it.

Laurence Shaw
President and Founder
3627 Sacramento Street
San Francisco, CA 94118