Money Back Guarantee

Dear Potential Customer,

We are so confident that our Knightsbridge DUAL BAND anti-snoring chin strap is the most effective and comfortable anti-snoring chin strap on the market that we provide a money back guarantee.  If you can find a more effective and comfortable "alternative" chin strap, return your DUAL BAND anti snoring chin strap to us at the address below within one month with a note listing (i) the brand name and web address of the alternative chin strap, and explaining (ii) why the alternative chin strap is more effective for you, and (iii) how the alternative chin strap is more comfortable, and we will happily refund the cost of the item (excluding shipping).  

Wishing you restful, restorative sleep,

Larry Shaw
President and Founder
Knightsbridge Sleep Solutions

Snoring Chin Strap