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First, about traditional chin straps

Traditional chin straps come in two varieties, linear and split. Both work on the same principle. They are made of a single elastic material (usually neoprene) and wrap around the tip of the chin. Notice the orientation of the strap at the chin -- it is oriented directly towards the ear. So the force applied by the strap is directed towards the ear.

This is a terrible design since the jaw joint is located just in front of the ear. Therefore, almost all the force is directed straight into the jaw joint. This is painful and ineffective since an upwards rotational force is needed, and long-term use can even cause damage to the joint. And almost none of the force is useful in rotating the jaw upwards. But traditional chin straps are cheap and easy to make, and people buy them.

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Breathable Three-Layer Open-Net Mesh

The cap of the Knightsbridge Dual Band chin strap is made of three-layers of open-net mesh so it is light and breathable, yet durable.

Dual Bands

The Knightsbridge has a revolutionary dual-band design. The non-elastic blue band prevents the jaw from lowering. The elastic (white or black) band provides a gentle upwards force.

This graph shows why the compound elastic-non elastic force is so comfortable. The force produced by the steep vertical dashed line keeps your jaw elevated in the comfortable, low-force yellow zone.

Vertical Lift

The bands pass under the jaw and attach to the Velcro patch near the temples, thereby providing a vertical force. Vertical force works with the natural rotation of the jaw.

Revolutionary Patent-Pending Design

Either of these features alone (dual bands or vertical lift) would produce a chin strap superior to any other.  The combination of these two innovations provides far-and-away the most effective and comfortable chin strap on the market. That's why the Knightsbridge Dual Band was selected "BEST CPAP CHIN STRAP" by CPAP.com's 2020 Ultimate Buyers Guide!.

Finally, the chin strap problem has been solved.  If you need a chin strap, this is the chin strap you need.  We guarantee it.