This chin strap … is amazing.

I wanted to report back that this chinstrap (more of a jaw support really) is amazing. I used it for the first time last night. I couldn’t even tell I had it on, and I’m hopeful that when I switch to the nasal pillow mask, it will help keep that in place better. More importantly, it actually kept my mouth closed, which no other chinstrap has done because the force is always pulling my jaw backwards, which is the exact opposite of what I want to happen.

Tarah, Preferred Member, Apneaboard.com, Posted 11/25/19


This chin strap works!

I have been using a CPAP for years, mainly to stop severe snoring.  I did not want to attempt a surgical fix and my doctor suggested, after a sleep study, to use the CPAP as a fix.  That works, for sure, but is cumbersome and expensive.  I have tried many fixes for snoring over the years, and they all do something, but not much.  I tried this Dual Band on a whim and I must say it worked better than anything else I have tried.  It is comfortable and doesn't interfere with my sleep.  The two bands together work better than a simple chin strap, and you have to experiment a small bit to find the placements that works for you.  But once you get it - it works!  Your mouth stays closed and your jaw is aligned comfortably, it is as simple as that.                                                         

Jerry V., Houston, Texas


It works better than any chin strap I've tried.

I've used CPAP for almost 20 years and have continually had problems with mouth leaks. I've tried several chin straps and all of them either slide out of position at night or uncomfortably pull my jaw back.  I've also tried mouth taping which just gets wet and comes loose at night.  I finally settled on using a soft cervical collar.  While it controlled mouth leaks it was not very comfortable.  When I saw the Knightsbridge Dual Band chin strap, I gave it a try.  It works much better than any chin strap I've tried and comfortably holds my mouth closed.  It controls leaks nearly as well as a collar and it is a lot more comfortable.


Ben Nicholls


More comfortable and functional than "traditional" chin straps

The Dual Band is a very good chin strap that's more comfortable and functional than "traditional" chin straps.  It holds my CPAP strapping in place, protecting against displacement caused by rubbing against the bedding.  Putting it on and adjusting it is easy.  It appears to have not only reduced mouth breathing but also reduced leakage in general.


 Ian, Australia