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Too many Emails

14 days ago, I ordered the Lg Air Deluxe dual band chinstrap. The first package contained an XLG sized product instead of a LG, which Knightsbridge was happy to replace and they sent out the correct size, according to what I ordered,
I just received my package yesterday & tried it out for the first time last night.
First thoughts, how do I keep the dial bands under my chin, as they keep slipping off of my chin and end up on my chin, just below my lips, and the cap part does get pulled down towards my eyes.
I may have order the wrong size. Maybe I should have ordered the SM, instead of the large.
This morning, I measured my head again, 22” around the forehead, about 1/2” above the eye brows.
Small is 21”- 22”, Large is 22”- 23”, and extra Large is 23”- 24”. So, maybe I should have ordered the Small.
That is my fault.

Steven Holley
I've tried dozens of chin straps. This is the one!

This chin strap actually works. It lifts the chin up instead of back. Stays in position. Really great quality. Worth every penny.

José Miguel García Gómez
Very bad product delivery

Havent received the item yet and havent got any status update neither from you nor from yoy supplier, DHL.

Michael Buhler
Coif with Straps

This is an excellent product that v performs as promised.

Michael Banta

While this hat probably works fine for people with big, square, well pronounced jaws (chins)... it doesn't work for recessed type jaws. Sorry about that chief.

Howard Scott
Well made.

It did its job well done.

Dennis Mackman
Does reasonable job. Better than others

Only technical issue is slips down over forehead. If I make it tighter to avoid this, I get a headache. I can live with this, but to be used repeatedly, It really needs to be approved and obtained through Medicare approved DME store.

DUAL BAND Air Deluxe
Clara Burns-Trogdon
Helps with keeping mouth in correct position

I had a large Dual Band Air Deluxe which became too big as it stretched as the information said it might. I ordered a medium which is slightly too tight right now. I think once it stretches a bit it will be great. I don't snore with my CPAP but with the medium size my mouth does come down and makes a sound on occasion. I really a medium and a half LOL. Edwin was great when I contacted them about not receiving my product due to the unrest in the country. It took almost 6 weeks to get the first one but the second came in a couple of weeks. I agree with one commenter that there should be a more accurate timeline given as to a shipment arrival date. Plan to purchase again when my current one wears out.

William McCord
best chinstrap I have used

The Knightsbridge Dual Premium chinstrap is the 4th chinstrap I have tried during the last year and by far the best. I had a problem not only with open mouth breathing but also with air leakage from my CPAP machine. Both problems seem to be solved. It does exactly what is advertised--it lifts your jaw upward instead of pulling it toward the back of your throat. It's by far the most comfortable chinstrap I used.

Joseph Lewand
Doesn't fit

This item doesn't fit. Sizing was difficult to determine. I tried to get help from the chat but they never answered. I did my best using the chart given but it wasn't accurate. The item seemed promising but a good fit seems crucial. I'm going to see if Knightsbridge will exchange for a smaller size.

Jared Ross

The Knightsbridge dual-band chin strap is a great improvement ver other chins straps I have tried. It holds the jaw closed without some of the pressure points associated with other straps. It is well constructed and the materials seem robust. It does allow some movement of my jaw even when fitted snuggly.I use a bi-level CPAP at 15 and 20 cmH2O with a nasal mask. At those pressures I can still experience severe leakage, even with this strap and mouth taping. I recommend he dual-band over other designs.

Jaime Chavez
Life changer

I use a cpap machine and I always had tge problem of my jaw dropping. I would wake up during the night with a dry mouth. I tried mouth taping, but would not help because my jaw would still drop and the air would escape. This chinstrap solved all those problems. Now I can't sleep without it.

Wrong size.

I followed the directions, but the large is way to big .

DUAL BAND Air Deluxe
Steve Ingham
Fits Well and Now Ears Breathe.

I have been using Knightsbridge products for some time now. I have used all their models. One of the things I like about all the Knightsbridge straps is that the other brands have neoprene straps that cut my beard hairs. I have a 12-inch-long beard so other straps were damaging my beard. Once I found that dual chin strap did *not* trim my beard while I slept, I was hooked.
But my ears wanted to breathe and the previous model, the all-cotton strap, was better than the original in that respect, but was not enough. So, I was tempted with this one – I had been eyeing for some time -- by a really good Christmas discount and bought it. I am pretty happy. And in CPAP land, happiness is hard to achieve. (The joke is that in a previous life, the inventors were medieval torturers.)
There was a comedy of errors with my order (3rd time a charm) but the customer service was very good and it did not hurt my opinion of the company.
One of the secrets that I struggled with is that you really must get the rear headcap strap adjusted just right so that the cap does not pull forward as much. I adjusted it again before bedtime last night and it stayed put for the entire night.
I am pretty sure my beard interferes with the strap’s ability to remain in place. The cap stays in place, but the chin straps do not. They pull forward towards my mouth because of the slipperiness of the beard hairs. It is my problem. I suspect that if the strap was something like rubber where it would not slip, it might solve one problem and create another with my beard. That is why it is my problem. I am open to suggestions.

DUAL BAND Air Deluxe
John Narraway

I'm having to adjust. The straps seem to slip back to my throat. It sometimes comes down over my eyes. It's hard to get it dialed in the same every night. We'll see how it goes.

Like the ear holes model

Probably the best head strap that pulls up, for open mouth problem. I use earplugs for Audible listening and the holes are a necessity. Slight problems with velcro hanging up on Cpap mask strap, but I can live with it.

DUAL BAND Air Deluxe
Cheryl Sewell
False promise

I understood the problem of not being able to fulfill the order because of the unrest of the Country. But what I feel is wrong is telling a customer more than 2 times they will receive their order the following week. If you didn't have the product physically in your hands I don't think you should tell a customer they should expect to get it the following Tuesday after they have reached out to you. Or you have called them back. This updated version doesn't work as well as the older. Even though all this has happened we will probably be ordering one if those again in the future.

DUAL BAND Air Deluxe
Jim Brzezinski

I like the ear holes, but sometimes the back of the product slips up toward the top of the head, perhaps if the straps were attached to the bottom of the left ear hole. ?

DUAL BAND Air Deluxe
Paul Schlottman
Most comfortable, most secure solition

This is my second Knightsbridge headgear and I love it even more than my first. I love that they are always improving their products. It fits so comfortably that I forget I have it on. Great product!

Works well good quality 

Not bad. Its comfortable. The right side can feel a little hard on your ear if you're a side sleeper. Other than that, it's not bad

Didnt receive merchandise

Terrible service orders two charged for two paid customs.for.two only received one. Would not recommend

Does as advertised doesn't cause TMJ.

Great chin strap. Has transformed my sleep and completely stops my snoring. Only thing I wish it had in the XL was more Velcro for the strap behind the head so it can be tightened more. But overall amazing design.

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